Welcome to Atheistical, a personal blog by Lara Apps about things related to atheism or considered from an atheistic perspective. I’ll be writing about books, news, my PhD research, and anything else that seems relevant, including religion, secularism, science, literature, etc. This is not, repeat not, a blog for proselytizing about atheism or for religion-bashing. I won’t pretend to be neutral — I’m an atheist — but my goal is to provide a balanced, critical perspective, most of the time.

I’m currently working toward a PhD in History at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. My dissertation is about atheism in eighteenth-century Europe. I have published a co-authored book about male witches, a couple of research articles, and a lot of academic book reviews (see publications). In addition, I work for Athabasca University as an Individualized Study Tutor in History. I’m a mother, a runner, and an occasional triathlete.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. ryan

    Hi Lara,
    As you are a historian, I would be interested in your opinion of Christian Origins and the Question of God if you have read it, particularly the third volume. Volume four will come out on November 1.


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